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Jersey Friends & Fam! Starting Aug 1, pieces from my jewelry line will be carried at Jewel High in Garden State Plaza Mall. Jewel High is a new, high end shoe store. Please come out & support me as an independent artist & momprenuer! Shop with us, spread the word to your friends & fam who r jewelry/shoe lovers! Thank u in advance I love y’all! 😘
"Basically we are all looking for someone who knows who we are and will break it to us gently."
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pain. hurt. trauma. you either live or you let those things kill you. taking it all and transforming it into something beautiful is power. poetry is just that. its choosing to live. powerfully. intentionally. and on your terms.

Crystal City launched!!! Chk my pieces out…
"To say I tried is to say
I failed if meaning is to language as the end-
game is to chess. Knight takes pawn, check and mate."
From End Note by David Lehman (via hush-syrup)

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the internet has everyone thinking they’re a superstar and forgetting they’re a super, star. art is being lost to likes. authenticity is an endangered species.

☞when poetry becomes a combat sport: nayyirah waheedm vs. Della Hicks-Wilson☜

"bismillah. it’s interesting that I was used (in this article), in prove the authors point. i love nayyirah waheed’s art. when i first came across her words, she reminded me of myself.  she also reminded me of warsan shire. and she also reminded me of saul williams. and she also reminded me of safia elhillo. and she also reminded me of yesika starr. i have learned that no one owns a style. we are artists. we HAVE style. but no one owns it. when I first began writing poetry I thought i was doing something completely new too (lol) truth be told, there really is no such thing. yes, we are all unique. yes, our words come from real places. real experiences. our very breath is divine. and, in that sense…no one can ever be us. however, dig a lil bit and you’d be surprised how many people have done what you did before you did it. its beautiful really. the way we carry each other through words. the way we inspire each other subconsciously. we all share the same air and therefore are connected in ways we do not even fully understand. there is only one alphabet. a few different types of punctuation. poets recycle this alphabet a million and one ways. to think that no one has ever used a period the way i use a period is silly. i take plagiarism very seriously. i have had it happen to me…word for word. its an abomination. really! but to accuse someone of plagiarism over the use of punctuation? nah. we cannot just sling around flimsy accusations. we are artists and like our art, we are delicate. we must not get so full of ourselves that we forget to protect the delicacy & integrity of our fellow artists. even against our own selves. if the poem was not copied, it is not plagiarism. sometimes we attack others when we feel threatened. we love what we do so much and if someone or something is violating our art, we take action. understandable. but it can’t stem from ego, fear, feelings. it has to be veritable and factual. otherwise, a person’s entire rep can be tarnished. and thats just not cool." -i.b.